About: CVS Virtual Airlines

CVA was started over 4 years ago to fill a niche that seemed to be lacking in the VA community. With so many current VA's flying only modern day existing airlines and those that are totally fictitious, CVA was created to make available those Classic Airlines and to be able to fly their wonderful vintage equipment!

CVA originally used a different program for itself and for a while was happy with the way things went. Unfortunately after some time and with many things changing, the program became a bit to tedious for the owner to handle. The Acars that was being used decided to move on and there was no support for it. Changes had to be made, not only to the Acars program but also to the main program as well! It was at this point we began to search for a new plan. Upon finding vaBase.com and seeing what they offered, we knew we had found the solution to our issues. Great program, great Acars and outstanding support!

Now we begin our new phase. As we build the site, we currently have airlines that are considered "Classics".
Some are: Air California, American Overseas, Allegheny, British Caledonian, Braniff, Easter, National, Northeast, Northwest Orient, Ozark, PSA, Southern and Western. We will be offering flight schedules from the 1940's through the 1990's. We will be adding new schedules as we grow. We want to be as historically accurate as possible, please do not fly fictional routes that were never flown by the airline. Having fun as well as flying actual routes with classic equipment is our goal.

The only requirement is to:
Have fun
and fly ONE flight per calender month!